A Tailor Made Portal - HCM Cloud Portal in the Polimex Mostostal S.A.

Implementation of the HCM Cloud Portal in the Polimex company is the first on the Polish market implementation of the Employees' Self-service Portal in the model of SaaS, on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The application is the dedicated solution developed by the KBJ S.A. company, which with the use of a standard internet browser allows 3,500 employees to access their data, submit a vacation leave request or to plan and settle the finances of their business trip.

Decision to implement the system, which would bolster up the HR processes, was for the Polimex Mostostal SA just the next step in putting into work their initiative to create the cost-effective organization of services supporting their business. Polimex needed the tools which would do the following:

  • be the first line of support for employees in the model of Shared Services Centre, that is the Self-service Portal,
  • make the HR processes more efficient, through their electronic flow,
  • reduce labour consumption of the manual data entry by the HR and Finances personnel.


Information about the project

 The KBJ S.A. has performed implementation of the dedicated developed product called the HCM Cloud Portal, providing the electronic flow of information and expediting the particular business functions, i.e.:

  • submitting, verification, approval and registration of changes in data regarding employees' and the employees' access to their personal, tax and remuneration data,
  • providing managers with information about their subordinates, in the area of the employees’ data reviews and reporting,
  • scheduling, submitting and approvals of the vacation leave requests, in the area of both, regular vacation leaves and casual leaves (parental),
  • commanding a business travel an upon its completion, the business trip financial settlement, including the processes of its full verification, approval and registration in the intertwined systems.

The application is accessible for the Polimex-Mostostal Group employees (more than 3,500 of them), from any place, without the necessity to connect to the company network. With the application each employee may submit, for example, a vacation leave request from his/her home computer, using a standard web browser.

The KBJ solution is fully integrated with the SAP ERP, in the areas of personnel, controlling and finances, ensuring full security of the transferred data.

The synchronizing of data between the HCM Cloud Portal and the ERP system is done automatically. This way neither the HR nor the Financial services linked to the SSC do not have to waste time to manually re-enter information, since the data are automatically updated in both systems.

Main Business Objectives 

The main objectives of the project implemented for the Polimex Mostostal Group were the following:

  • establishment of cost effective organization of services supporting business,
  • furthering professionalism and optimization of the HR processes provided by the Shared Services Centre, while ensuring security of the transferred data,
  • and cost optimization (low cost of individual access to the Self-service Portal).


Business Benefits for the Client

Implementation of the KBJ S.A. dedicated application, thanks to the bilateral collaboration and the efficient project management, was done according to the accepted schedule, which contributed to the achievement of the project's objectives:

  • reduction in the number of queries to the two lines of the SSC,
  • quickening of the particular HR processes,
  • better efficiency of the two support lines (The emphasis transferred from registration of data to consulting services for internal client), 
  • labour time savings, due to reduction of the manual data registration. 


The Project's Unique Features

Our Self-service Portal is one of the most innovative solutions, on the Polish market, in the SaaS model on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Its implementation has allowed to provide the Client with the tool operating outside of the company network (In cloud), which optimized its costs (Low individual access cost.) The chosen model of providing the software eliminates the necessity to install and launch the program on the employees' computers, and transfers the responsibility for its installation, management, upgrades and technical support to the service provider, that is to the KBJ S.A.



The solution delivered for the Polimex Mostostal Group was built on the basis of the following components:

  • HCM Cloud Portal – system for handling of the HR processes, the KBJ SA dedicated developed on-cloud application,
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform – infrastructure of the Virtual Private Cloud offered by the SAP AG, which is an execution platform for business applications,
  • SAP ERP – current, operationally used by the Client SAP system.



../media/infographic/inne/award.pngCommendation in the SAP Quality Awards 2016 CEE in the category of Innovations.

Last update: 2014-09-09