Coffee & BI
Learn in practice about the complex analytics tool SAP

Aromatic coffee, work with the system, experts with many years of experience in the BI, professional discussion.

Coffee & BI are workshops organized according to the model worked out by the KBJ, during which we look into the business analytics. In the upcoming events, we will focus on the breakthrough solution in the field of Business Intelligence - SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

Over the course of the Coffee & BI workshops, you will not be exposed to theoretical divagation and the not always perfect presentations. During our 4 hour long meeting we will share our experience, derived from many dozens of completed projects. Each aspect we talk about, we also present on the real and working system. We do believe, that we learn most from practice, so each participant of our workshops has at his/her disposal the properly prepared SAP BusinessObjects Cloud system.

We encorage you to learn details about the Coffee&BI 2017 workhops, and to register:

data publikacji: 2017-11-14