Comprehensive implementation of the dedicated solution for handling of business travels in the SAP Portal system for the Jagiellonian University.

The KBJ S.A. company designed and implemented solution allowing for the comprehensive management of the domestic an international business travels in the Jagiellonian University (in Polish: Uniwersytet Jagieloński, or UJ.) This is the first in Poland such comprehensive implementation of business travels handling solution in the SAP System Portal.

The Jagiellonian University of Cracow struggled somewhat with the problem of functional and effective handling of their business travels, both, domestic and foreign. Since the problem concerned not only employees but also other persons travelling on behalf of the University, the important issues were:

  • improvement of the whole process of handling the business travels,
  • proper estimating and then settling the travel expenses,
  • eliminating the necessity of multiple entry of the same data to various systems. 


Information about the project

Prior to undertaking the project, the KBJ S.A. prepared a detailed analysis of the current ways for handling domestic and international business travels, and the actual needs of the Client. After a number of conversations and gathering opinions from the UJ representatives, the KBJ company presented its business and technical concept for the solution for the business travels management. The solution was prepared on the basis of the SAP Portal, which makes possible a broad-band management of business travels, from the submission of a request to the final designation of costs to the particular units and budgets.

The proposed solution includes all the University employees assigned to the SAP HR module, and those assigned to the organizational structure. The application also allows to extend the solution to persons, who are authorized for business trips, but who are not the UJ employees and so are not registered in the HR database.

Employees and other persons travelling on behalf of the UJ, via the SAP Portal have access to their requests and to their expenses settlements.

 The basic functionality of the implemented solution includes, among others:

  • filling out of the request (submission, printout, request for an advance, registration and correction of absence, possibility to check the status, etc.),
  • settlement of a request (possibility to check status),
  • printout of the proper forms (request, advance, settlement),
    • electronic flow of a request approval, with a multi-stage approval path (and possibility to change the path),
    • integration with electronic approval of vacation leave requests,
    • integration of the application with the systems of bookkeeping, controlling, HR and budgetary accounting,
    • registration of obligation,
    • registration of initial bookkeeping documents.


Main Business Objectives

The basic objective of the implemented solution is to improve the whole process of business travels management, both, domestic and international. Additional important issues include the following:

  • eliminating the necessity of multiple entry of the same data to various systems,
  • possibility to estimate the business travel expenses and their settlement on the basis of receipts, food allowances, lump sums and additional information about a travel,
  • connection with the budgetary accounting,
  • possibility to precisely divide the costs of particular business travels, on the basis of their assignment to a variety of financing sources,
  • simple and intuitive interface,  
  • availability of self-service for employees and other persons authorized for business travels.  

Experience of the KBJ S.A. experts and involvement of the Client, have made it possible to achieve the intended objectives. 


Business Benefits for the Client

The system for business travels management had a significant impact on reducing the time of approval for the particular business travels, and on unifying the principles and methods for all the business trips expenses settlement and overall management.

At the same time, the implemented solution allows users to:

  • establish at any moment at which stage of approval is a request or its settlement,
  • sending notification to a selected e-mail address at the UJ,
  • accessing the system through a web browser,
  • self-service of employees and other travelling persons.

Dedicated solution also guarantees a full integration with other SAP system modules, in a way defined by the UJ. 


The Project's Unique Features

This is the first in Poland such comprehensive implementation of business travels handling solution in the SAP System Portal.

Dedicated application developed as a whole to fulfil the Client's needs.

The application's architecture allows further changes, extensions and adjustments of its individual elements, for the possible needs of other clients.



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Last update: 2017-07-10