Architecture of e-Leki

The e-Leki solution is an extension of the SAP system, implementing the required ZSMOPL functions, according to the specification of the messages defined by the Ministry of Health.

From the technological point of view, the e-Leki solution is supplied as the ABAP transports package, which are imported directly to the SAP ERP system. e-Leki software is installed in the separated namespace /KBJ/.

The e-Leki solution consists of two main components:

  • e-Leki application implementing the business functions,
  • XML Studio platform allowing, among others, data extraction, compression, parallel processing, servicing and saving messages, sending messages (communication) to the ZSMPOL.

The whole solution is delivered within one package of ABAP transports.

Presented below is a diagram showing the technical architecture of the e-Leki solution:

../media/baners/new2/Obszar roboczy 2-100.jpgXML Studio, which is the technological basis of the e-Leki solution, is a proven and productively operational solution, which guarantees a number of the required technical functionalities for the proper servicing of each system integrating the SAP ERP system with other systems.

Key features of XML Studio:



  • Built-in algorithms for parallel processing of big data guarantee implementation of the full computing power of SAP (parallel processing), significantly reducing the time required to retrieve, process and prepare the data to be sent,
  • Configurability of the solution and the possibility of the individual adjustments (including adjustments of ABAP), without any interference in the structure and operation of the standard software,
  • Full compatibility with the SAP authorization system,
  • Management and monitoring of the process of sending data receiving confirmations,
  • Possibility to plan and automate messages sending process with the precision per type of message,
  • Storing of data in compressed and encrypted form – direct saving of space in the SAP database and security,
  • Mechanisms of digital signature, including a qualified digital signature 


The above architecture has been checked and verified by over 100 clients, using another KBJ solution - the e-JPK application.

Additional benefits for a client, who implements the presented architecture:



  • Quick implementation – thanks to the readymade and verified solutions,
  • Significant reduction of errors and the time required for tests of system solutions,
  • Performance of the entire e-Leki solution, exceeding capabilities of the typical SAP system extensions,
  • Lower maintenance costs of solution.



The e-Leki solution includes a runtime licence for the XML Studio platform, thanks to which no other licence purchases are necessary. 

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