SAP Innovation Awards for KBJ Clients

The first project is the platform for analysis and reports developed for the Central Securities Repository of Poland. The project has been awarded, due to its innovative business point of view and applies a wide range of SAP tools. 

The competition commission highlighted the uniqueness of the project: "The implementation has brought measurable business benefits and fulfils the analytical requirements of various groups of employees – from the management level to the various teams of analytics."  This is the very first project in Poland, which implements a full SAP Business Intelligence platform within the framework of one application. The scale of the tasks were truly unique – at the same time, various SAP tools were implemented and connected: HANA, BPC, BOBJ, BW. The result achieved is a complex analysis and report platform, integrated with the KDPW base system. 
"Our task was to combine many components into one consistent and unified platform, which would guarantee stability and security for the access of data. The basic challenge of this project was to provide the quick delivery of large quantities of information, updated in real time and of high quality, and in addition ready to undergo a clear analysis process appropriate for each of the management levels."summarizes Artur Jednak, the KBJ President.


The second project awarded was the largest in Eastern Europe implementation of SAP Strategy Management, done with the holding of PGNiG. The project was appreciated for innovation, scale of implementation and the business benefits it brought about. The aim of the project was to implement the Management by Objectives (MBO) platform, as one of the components of strategic management in this group of companies. The new system is being used for structural planning, monitoring of goals, evaluation of effectiveness and for analyses available for various users.
"The project for PGNiG was a real challenge for us, since it demanded providing a central solution for the client, integrated with the existing infrastructure, while working on a very tight schedule and with the necessity to adjust the SAP SM solution to the PGNiG business procedures”  Artur Jedynak says.

data publikacji: 2014-07-22