KBJ - Silver Partner of the SAP Digital Finance Forum 2017


What is a data stream and where does it come from? What type of data do we analyse and what type of data do we actually need? Are we able to collect and analyse all the data we receive and are surrounded by? Does it make sense to do that, in fact?

Much has already been said about the analysis of data; it is time to present a new form of business analytics, i.e. the analysis of data in real time.

We are continuously inundated with data, the analysis of which contributes to the development of our business, and they often disappear unnoticed.

Does the analysis of the stream of data actually take place in real time? What is its added value – what additional benefits can we gain? Where and how can it help us improve our business, if at all?

We are not always able to predict what we are going to receive in the stream, but we can always observe it carefully, with the intention of drawing conclusions and reacting immediately.

SAP-based solutions for the analysis of the stream of data are used when the time of reaction is critical. In each case, the practice of drawing post factum conclusions significantly reduces the benefits we would be able to achieve if we reacted rapidly.

We will discuss details of the new SAP-based solutions concerning business analytics during the SAP DIGITAL FINANCE FORUM on 9 November in Warsaw.

Please feel welcome to attend! 

data publikacji: 2017-11-08