Maintenance and support project in the areas of: HR, BASIS, BW, Solution Manager and SAP Portal.

The KBJ SA experts provide the services of development, maintenance and support for the SAP system and PWPW. Taking advantage of the know-how and experience of the KBJ SA consultants, the Client has received new functionalities of the system, which contributed to the improvement of the Client's particular business functions.

Of significant importance for the client was the development of its SAP systems, support from the administrators of the SAP BASIS, and also training workshops for the key system users.

To meet expectations of the PWPW, the KBJ team assessed systems from business and technical point of view, and analysed the impact of changes on the whole organization, to prepare, together with the Client, a set of objectives, to be achieved with the implementation of the project.


Information about the project


The project works in the area of maintenance are being done, with no interruptions, since 2014.

During this time, the KBJ S.A. as the main service provider, has completed a number of development tasks, among others:

  • implementation of the CHARM functionality in the SAP Solution Manager,
  • time and attendance recording system (in Polish: Rejestracja Czasu Pracy, or RCP), 
  • business support in the area of data archiving system.


Main Business Objectives


The main objectives of the implemented project are the following:

  • development of the SAP systems functionalities, in the area of implementation of new solutions,
  • recommendation regarding the current systems exploitation,
  • training workshops for end users.


Business Benefits for the Client

The effects of our efforts and consultations are both, new functionalities implemented and maintained by the KBJ S.A., and the system improvements, which translate into the actual time and financial benefits, among others:

  • unification of procedures regarding the working time - creation of one common environment for the handling of scheduling, recording and control of working time and attendance (RCP),
  • automatic qualification of working time and remuneration for the overtime work,
  • reduction of the number of persons engaged in handling of the working time qualification,
  • online access to information about working time,
  • decreased number of penalties administered by the inspection authorities.


The established business objectives have been achieved thanks to the application of best practices in the area of tools development, systems integration and maintaining the standards of the user interface.

The performed tests and the system load trials have been performed with the participation of the end users, to whom the KBJ S.A. experts have delivered numerous training sessions.


The Project's Unique Features

PWPW was one of the first Clients, where the KBJ SA has implemented a dedicated solution for the Time and Attendance Recording (RCP).

Last update: 2014-09-09