Performing the migration of the SAP (ZSRK) systems environment. Support, maintenance and monitoring of the SAP systems.

During the SAP Forum Czech Republic 2016 in Prague, the Polish Court of Appeals in Wrocław / Ministry of Justice have received the SAP Quality Awards 2016 CEE Brony Winner, in the category of "Business Transformation". This is the most prestigious and renowned competition in the world of SAP, with the goal to indicate the implementation projects, which can be the examples to follow.

The main provider of the project services was the KBJ S.A. company, the SAP business partner.  

Difficult and far from optimal administration of the SAP systems environments and the lack of the unified hardware, systems and data base environments, have prompted the Ministry of Justice to make the decision to implement new solutions for the environment of the SAP Integrated Accounting and HR System (in Polish: Zintegrowany System Rachunkowo Kadrowy, or ZSRK).  The ZSRK environment includes:

  • some 37 thousand of the serviced users in the Ministry of Justice and in Courts,
  • more than 300 of the Courts organizational units (Regional, District and Appeal Courts),
  • total of more than forty systems (For development, tests, training i operations).


Information about the project

The project has two stages. At the first stage, there was performed the migration.

The scope of services required for migration of the ZSRK environment to another hardware (HW) platform, operating system (OS) and data base (DB) included:

  • migrations of all the SAP systems and their supporting applications working within the ZSRK, in the specially purchased and prepared virtual environment of Vmware,
  • upgrade and unification of the database (DB) and the system (OS) platforms,
  • upgrade and configuration of the system environments of the ZSRK,
  • commissioning and configuration of the systems based on the application Java Server (Java Stack) of the mechanism for transferring changes, based on the Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+),
  • additional services arising from the application of the "OS/DB Migration" for SAP Systems,
  • commissioning of the central monitoring of SAP systems on the SAP Solution Manager platform – implementation of Root Cause Analysis,
  • modification of the configuration of the BASIS of all the SAP systems.

The next stage of the project consists of the support and technological maintenance of all the applications included in the ZSRK environment, based on the SAP company solutions.

The scope of works performed includes:

  • continuous support in the area of maintenance and exploitation of the above-mentioned SAP systems within the scope of BASIS,
  • monitoring of the ZSRK infrastructure,
  • support within the "pool" of working days of the Services Provider's Consultants.


Main Business Objectives

The main objective of the implemented project is to fulfil the need for unified (and optimized in regard of administration) hardware, system and database environment for the SAP systems (ZSRK), and the ongoing upgrade of the ZSRK environment systems.


Business Benefits for the Client

The high level of management on the side of the Services Provider has allowed to achieve:

  • failure-free operation of the SAP systems environment,
  • efficient and optimized usage of the hardware, database and system resources, 
  • optimization of the SAP systems operation,
  • optimization of cost and implementation time,
  • improvement of the systems performance.

The Commendation for the implemented project in the SAP Quality Awards competition, has become for the Client, as well as for its business environment, a reason for satisfaction but also an assurance, that the project meets the highest standards and complies with the good practices.


Projects' Methodology

SAP OSDB Migration


The Project's Unique Features

Migration of over forty SAP systems in seven months.

Simultaneous upgrade and unification of the database (DB), system (OS) and the upgrade of configuration of the ZSRK system environments.


../media/infographic/inne/award.pngThe project has won the prestigious SAP Quality Awards 2016 CEE Bronze Winner prize, in the Business Transformation Category.


Certificate to SAP Quality Awards for the Ministry of Justice, Court of Appeals in Wrocław.

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