HeaRt - Security

The HeaRt system security, within the meaning of the technical solution security, as well as the guaranteed confidentiality and security of data, are the absolute priority and in this area there can be no compromise.

To guarantee our Customers the complete system security, our product works with the use of the Tier IV level Data Centre infrastructure. Selection of information regarding the Data Centre hardware infrastructure:

  • ISO 9001 - International certificate documenting compliance with the quality management standards in an organization,
  • ISO 27001 - International certificate documenting compliance with the information security management standards,
  • Second Degree NATO Industrial Safety Certificate,
  • Second Degree European Union Industrial Safety Certificate,
  • Second Degree Industrial Safety Certificate for Poland,
  • ANSI/TIA 942 - TIER IV - the highest standard of guaranteed power supply, availability 99,999% per year,
  • ANSI/TIA 942 - TIER IV - the highest standard of guaranteed environment conditions for operation of IT equipment,
  • ISO 27 000, the highest standard of ANSI/TIA 942 - TIER IV, guaranteed security of data and equipment,
  • Compliance with the Act on Protection of Personal Data and with the regulations of European Commission regarding processing of personal data in the IT centres.

In the layer of your data security, the solution's architecture ensures:

  • Physical separation of each client's data in a separate data base,
  • Physical separation of application servers – each client receives independent application units – there are no shared resources,
  • There is no diffusion of data outside of the isolated for a client space in the data centre and in the application layer – your data will never be transferred or shared with any other location,
  • Guaranteed, included in the price calculation and fully automatic backup systems.

In the layer of communication between your SAP HR system and the HeaRtsolution:

  • Communication end-to-end via the dedicated encrypted connection, using the strongest algorithms for SSL data transmission,
  • Communication and data transfer to end user (to his/her web browser) only through the application of secure SSL protocol.
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