Saratoga Human Capital Benchmarking in the system for the PGNiG S.A.

Another dedicated solution by the KBJ S.A. in the area of HR applied for a large Group of Companies. Saratoga Human Capital Benchmarking is not only for handling the ongoing HR activities, but also offers the possibility to evaluate the efficiency of the management activities undertaken in this field.

Implementation of Saratoga HC Benchmarking in the system was an element of the complex strategic reporting solution for the PGNiG S.A Group.

The Client wanted to raise the achieved indicators in the area of HR to the real time benchmarking data, reduce the time required to prepare data for a survey, and to have an option of internal benchmarking (comparison of achieved results between the 14 branches and the headquarters).

After the project's implementation, the PGNiG Group expected to receive tools, which would enable them to evaluate efficiency of activities undertaken in the area of the Human Resources Management.

The PGNiG Group decided to implement the KBJ SA dedicated developed product - Saratoga Human Capital Benchmarking in the system – in effect, the management team and the HR personnel have received the tool, which makes it possible to analyse in real time the employment situation in the PGNiG S.A headquarters and in its 14 gas delivery branches.

The prepared tools allow to automatically gather data for a survey, calculate online over 150 indicators for the PGNiG, and compare them with the market data. Such generated data are presented in managers' cockpits, providing the picture of the employment situation. The implemented tool not only made it possible for PGNiG to reduce the proccess of gathering data for a syrvey (from three months to about three days,) but also provided the option of the ongoing control of the key indicators, and their comparison to the market data.


Information about the project


Within the framework of the Strategic Reporting project for the PGNiG Group, the KBJ S.A. implemented in the system a full service for the Saratoga Human Capital Benchmarking survey.

The implementation included the Company Headquarters and all the PGNiG SA branches (14 branches, some 8 thousand of employees).

Our work led to the launching of the system used for the following activities:

  • gathering of yearly data for the Saratoga form, including the automation of their downloading from external systems (financial and controlling),
  • calculation of more than 150 quarterly and yearly indicators, for their ongoing comparisons with Saratoga benchmarking,
  • presentation of the dynamics of the indicators changes for analyses in the form of report and manager's cockpit.

In the supplied complete system, there were included mechanisms allowing a full data control, on the basis of which there were calculated indicators and the full data reporting, according to the requirements of the Saratoga survey.

The indicators analysis process is being supported by the two types of tools:

  • manager's cockpit available in the SAP Business Portal – in which there are presented, in a graphic form, analyses of selected 16 indicators,
  • report in the SAP HCM system, also made available in the SAP Business Portal – which makes it is possible to analyse the selected indicators by the comparison of the PGNiG indicators to the Saratoga benchmarking.

Current data regarding the indicators are available immediately after the calculations. Reference of the PGNiG results to the benchmarking is possible month by month, and cumulatively from the beginning of a given year.

Main Business Objectives


The main objectives of the implementation were the following:

  • ongoing verification of the effects of the applied HR tools, without an additional labour related to the calculation of the KPIs,
  • internal benchmarking available online (comparisons between the Group's companies, branches, etc.),
  • HR analytics for the line managers in the area of the employment situation, with its reference to the situation on the market (e.g. fluctuation, full-time positions, cost),current information about the efficiency of the processes within the organization, full-time positions, remuneration structure,
  • information allowing to undertake the HR actions on the basis of the value calculations data.


Business Benefits for the Client

Upon completion of the implementation, the PGNiG Group has received the tools allowing the following:

  • reduction of the time needed for the whole market benchmarking process to just 4 weeks,
  • reduction of the time needed to prepare data for the Saratoga benchmarking survey to just 5 hours,
  • significant improvement of quality of the generated data – the number of PwC interactions decreased by 80%,
  • increase of the quantities of data delivered for the survey by some 60%,
  • ongoing tracking of the values of HR indicators and their comparison to the market benchmarks, presented in the form available online (graphic manager's cockpits),
  • available online internal benchmarking.


The Project's Unique Features

  • Design and implementation of the tailor-made solution, fully servicing the HR Saratoga benchmarking, and the full automation of calculation of over 400 components for 150 indicators.
  • Delivery of cockpits and reports allowing the ongoing control of the crucial for the PGNiG indicators, with their reference to the market data, which significantly increases the value of information gathered in this manner.
  • Possibility to control, using the calculated values data, the implemented programmes and tools in the area of the personnel management.


The solution delivered for the PGNiG Group was built on the basis of the following components:

  • SAP HCM system, based on which there was developed the dedicated KBJ solution for the automation of data preparation and calculation of the indicators, according to the Saratoga survey requirements, and the real-time reporting of the results,
  • SAP Business Objects BI- package of applications allowing to present comparisons and analyses in cockpits.
Last update: 2014-09-09