The basic strategic objective for the Issuer is to increase the value of the Company, for its shareholders, through the increase of the scale of the Company activities. The Issuer plans to both, extend its product portfolio, and to grow sales volume by entering new markets.

The Issuer pursues development ventures in the most important areas of its activities, i.e. by introducing new services and project types, especially in the area of Business Intelligence, personal controlling, financial planning and a number of services related to technologies and software (development). Expanding productivity is possible thanks to the enlargement of the most competent and unique team of consultants.

In order to expand its scale of activities the company grows its sales in Poland and on the European Union markets, where, due to the widespread use of the ERP systems in numerous companies, there is stronger demand for the non-standard services, custom-tailored to the Customer's needs, and for the administration services, such as maintenance, support and development of the existing software. The strong points of the foreign markets are both, greater demand for consulting services, and significantly greater budgets for implementations, which - with the competitive, lower prices of the Issuer on these markets - opens up the possibilities for higher profitability of signed contracts and even further expansion.

Furthermore, the Company Management consistently implements its strategy to increase the number of Customers, with which the Company signs long-term framework agreements, featuring the stable flow of income and the satisfying profitability.

The revenues and profits achieved by the company in the recent quarters, the contracts it has signed and it expects to sign, but also the perspective for development of the sector in which the company operates, make us confident, that the trend of the KBJ S.A. revenue growth will be maintained.

Thanks to the better and better financial results, it has become possible to share the profits with our shareholders. Intention of the Management Board is to regularly pay the dividends.

Another important goal, set by the Company Management for the next few years, is to reach the scope of business activities, which will make it possible to fulfil the criteria of the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), and to transfer the KBJ S.A. listing there.

Last update: 2014-10-10