The largest Self-service Platform implementation in Poland – a big success.

The team of 60 persons working for 9 months, and 18,000 of end users, it all amounts to the development of modern solution supporting the daily HR processes, which are friendly and intuitive for their users. The HR Portal in the largest in Poland Commercial Bank provides quite significant savings. 

Bank Pekao S.A. is one of the largest banks in Poland, and the largest in the area of Eastern Europe.

To improve the quality of its services and to optimize its HR processes, the bank decided to launch an advanced personnel-payroll application, on the basis of the SAP Human Capital Management solution. Implementation of the Employee Portal called the Personnel Eco-Account (in Polish: Kadrowe Eko-Konto) was a continuation of the project targeted at the improvement of the HR processes and the personnel management. 

Implementation of the portal included:

  • unification and improvement of the HR processes and standardization of the scope of the data kept in the system, which concerned the bank's employees,
  • reduction of time consumption by the processes, 
  • possibility to make analyses and prepare reports supporting the personnel management.


Information about the project

The Personnel Portal implementation project for the Banku Pekao S.A., which was called Personnel Eco-Account (in Polish: Kadrowe Eko-Konto), has been completed by the KBJ S.A. in collaboration with the Deloitte Business Consulting, and i one of the largest implantation of the self-service platform in Poland.

The KBJ, as the main service provider was responsible for the comprehensive project preparation, including its business plan, implementation, performing tests, and also training of the employees and the management members, plus the after-implementation support. 

Kadrowe Eko Konto is a conglomerate of the following:

  • Employee and Manager Portal,
  • electronic system for recording and qualification of working time,
  • system for handling personnel requests,
  • HR business analytics,
  • scheduling and management of absences,
  • automation of authorizations.


Main Business Objectives

The paramount objective for the completed project were the improvement and better efficiency in the particular stages of the HR processes. By providing the modern tool supporting its employees, the Bank expected improved functionality and stability of the implemented system (in compliance with legal regulations), as well as the increased productivity of the persons working with the system. The project's premise was to eliminate paper as the information medium and launching the electronic flow of documents, and integration of the SAP EP with the existing systems. 

Working on providing ergonomic system solutions, the KBJ has completed several dozens of ESS/MSS services, based on the Enterprise Portal, there were, among others: recording of working time, scheduling of vacation leaves, submitting of leave of absence requests, an employee basic data services, team calendar, etc.


Business Benefits for the Client

Precise preparations for the project, along with the agreed upon business concept, significant involvement of the Bank, and the efficient management of the whole project has allowed to achieve the set objectives. For the following nine months, our sixty persons team worked on the system, which now is being used, on daily basis, by over eighteen thousand users.

The changes introduced by the system were translated into minimized organizational mark-ups for handling of the HR processes (70%), possibility to control personal costs, extended analysis options and efficient management of the benefits, working time, plus the wider self-service options.

Automated tasks in the personnel area allowed the employees to, by themselves, update and verify their personal, address, banking or identification data.

Unification of the working time recording mechanisms, functioning in all the Bank units, helped to better control vacation schedules (reduction in handling of working time qualification by 95%), and allowed access to the information online, during work hours.

At the Management Level, the new system means, primarily:

  • access to the personnel information, flexibility in adjusting the selection criteria and graphic presentation of data,
  • differentiation of the scope of presented data by the business roles, 
  • support for managers in the decision-making process - possibility to prepare multi-dimensional analyses and reports, which helping to manage the personnel.


Implementation of the SAP EP Portal means also significant financial savings. Beginning with the most evident savings on paper (envelopes, postmarks), thanks to the launched electronic documents flow, which also led to the reduction in penalties administered by the control authorities (minimizing the delays caused by the paper documents flow).


Implementation of the employee portal has led to:

  • reduction of requests submitted to the HR department in person by 92%, and the reduction of the average request processing time from 10 to 2 working days, 
  • monthly savings in the employees' labour time at the level of 21,600 working hours,
  • reduction of the administrative tasks (managers' responsibilities) by 50 % in the area of personnel requests and by 95 % in the area of overtime payment requests.

Significant reduction of time needed to handle the requests for modifications of authorizations, by 99 %, has generated savings in the amount of 370.5 working hours per annum.


Implementation of the modern solution, namely the employees’ portal, has also translated into the strengthening of the Bank's image as the institution providing its employees with exceptional working conditions.


Projects' Methodology

The project has been completed on the basis of the Agile for ASAP methodology.



The Project's Unique Features

During their work on the project, the KBJ consultants have also noted many non-typical and non-standard requirements of the system, related to the specifics of the industry, problems with the system's performance, adjustments to the HR legal regulations in force, and many others. The implementation procedure has been done "live" (with 2,000 users logged in at the same time) which meant, that any change had a considerable weight. The new platform characteristics:

  • 18,000 end users, however the platform is prepared for servicing up to 35,000 users,
  • development of over 70 dedicated applications on the SAP Portal platform, in the technologies of WebDynpro JAVA, Google GWT/AJAX,
  • application of the methodology of Agile for ASAP, 
  • full utilization of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure,

and only 9 months for completion of the full scope of the project. 



The solution, as whole, was built on the SAP technological platform with the use of the following solutions:

  • SAP HCM,
  • SAP Enterprise Portal,
  • SAP Business Warehouse,


In addition:

  • development of over 70 dedicated applications on the SAP Portal platform, in the technologies of WebDynpro JAVA, Google GWT/AJAX,
  • full utilization of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure.

../media/infographic/inne/award.pngThe project has been recognised as one of the most innovative SAP projects in the recent years, and was presented at the SAP WorlTour 2011 Conference under the title: “NetWeaver as a HCM process management platform”



Last update: 2017-09-09