Who are we?

The Issuer operates in the market of business software supporting the management of an enterprise, the so-called ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning, in Polish: Zintegrowane Systemy Zarządzania). The Enterprise Resource Planning systems allow for the gathering and analysis of data related to the processes of a company management. The systems are especially important for large companies, mainly industrial production, logistics, financial sector, telecommunications, services and large corporations, so in all the organizations, where large amounts of data are being processed, and there are complex business processes.

The Company specializes in providing the implementation and consulting services, and in developing dedicated IT solutions, tailored to the individual needs of a Customer. The main Customers for the Company are, primarily, large corporations, which use the ERP systems made by the SAP company - world's leader in the development of such systems, applications and products for data processing, on which the Issuer builds its own solutions.

The basic aspects in the Issuer activities are the following:

  • Individual approach and development of the unique solutions fulfilling the specific needs of a Client,
  • Professionalism and experience in the design, implementation and administration of the complex IT solutions,
  • Knowledge of technologies and development of the dedicated solutions, which allow to effectively implement IT architecture,
  • Flexible organizational structure, allowing to optimally adjust project teams for the particular task at hand, which helps to improve the operational efficiency.

The Company services are provided in four basic areas:

  • Implementation projects,
  • Outsourcing in the field of exploitation and development of SAP systems,
  • Training courses,
  • Sale of the own developed, licensed products.

The activities in the above listed areas may be performed in a comprehensive way (from a project's implementation, through employees' training, to administering of the implemented software), or in the form of independent activities by the Issuer. Within the above described activities, the Company offers technological and architectural consulting, including complex programmes for reorganization and optimization of the existing system, in order to improve the efficiency of the implemented solutions.

The services offered by the Company are being completed within the following business lines:

  • Integration of SAP systems with other IT systems in a company,
  • Development of dedicated solutions, tailored to the individual business needs of a Client,
  • Technological consulting and audits in the area of SAP system technological infrastructure,
  • Human Resources Management – optimization of the personnel processes and implementation services for SAP HCM in the area of handling of the personnel processes.
published on: 2014-10-09