Why to invest in our company?

An established position on the market and the market knowledge.

The implemented projects, letters of reference from clients, experiences and know how drawn from the firms with which the Company jointly completed projects - all have a significant impact on the evaluation of the Company profile by potential Customers. The Company has obtained the SAP Partner Service status in the SAP Partner Edge programme (the list of SAP partners in the area of services in Poland includes only 27 firms), which additionally confirms the high qualifications of the Company in this field. The KBJ excels in the knowhow of solutions in the area of the ERP systems, which comes from many years of experience of the Company's experts.

Company Activities and the Management System.

 The Company Management has proven its competences in management of the enterprise, which even in the times of crisis and recession could achieve the consistent and dynamic growth. Customers of the Company are the firms, which do not have, as yet, any SAP system, and the firms with already implemented ERP system, which offers the chance to further the area of the KBJ activities. Equally important in the Company policy for acquiring Customers is the industry diversification, which makes it possible to separate the Company's financial results from the business cycles experienced by its Clients. The crucial element in the structure of the Issuer activities are the services of software support and maintenance, which provide the stable, regular income from fees for the ongoing administration and management of SAP system environments.

Intellectual Capital, Knowledge and Experience of Employees.

The Company has highly qualified, experienced personnel with comprehensive knowledge in the areas of, among others, bookkeeping, management accounting, human resources management. Six dedicated, professional teams in the Company structure, specialise in supplying solutions in the following fields: business analytics, technology and integration, business development, corporation portals, business architecture, management of human and financial resources. The Company experts have many years of experience in the area of implementation projects, confirmed with the appropriate certificates. Our employees present the individual approach to a Customer and to his/her specific needs.

Products and Services Offered.

The Company offers a wide range of products and services, but primarily specialises in providing the dedicated solutions, which are unique and developed to fulfil the individual needs of a Client, while going beyond the standard, rigid framework of the ERP systems. The Issuer very much stresses the need to continuously raise the qualifications of its team, which - while bringing the higher costs related to the use of the newest technologies, investments in research and development, investments in demonstration and test systems, market reports and know how - also brings about the expected results.

Last update: 2014-10-10