Working time management for the Lorenz Snack-World in the system of SAP Enterprise Portal 7.02

Development and implementation of the complex solution supporting the procedures of scheduling, recording and evaluation of the working time of production workers. The KBJ SA company automated planning process using mechanisms for adaptation of the working time schedule patterns, continuous work system and the "four shifts" system. Graphic interface was done in the standard of HTML5 and integrated with the employees’ self-services (ESS and MSS) in the SAP Enterprise Portal. 

The Lorenz Snack-World company decided to launch a system, which would significantly make it easier to schedule working time for the four shifts system, and would ensure ongoing control of the scheduled working time. Important was also the automation of the process of qualification (evaluation) of the actual working time for the remuneration components.

Based on the above decisions, the company advertised a competition for development of the working time management system, which would fulfil the above requirements.  


Information about the project


From the offers, which the Client received as the competition went on, it was the offer submitted by the KBJ S.A. company, that was assessed by the Lorenz company management as the most innovative and comprehensive.

Detailed requirements and the final functionality of the implemented solution were worked out during meetings of the project team with the Client's representatives, and on the basis of best practices, knowledge and experience of the KBJ S.A. company.

The prepared concept includes the key business requirements necessary for the proper completion of the solution, with their details and transfer to grounds of the SAP solutions, while defining the operation of the final product. 

The proposed by the KBJ S.A. solutions make use of the following:

  • newest technologies for developing WWW applications,
  • many years of experience in designing applications for working time management,
  • know how in the area of implementation of mechanism for working time evaluation in SAP, 
  • experience and knowledge in the area of Labour Law.


The implemented application allows, among others:

  • recording of all working time components with the accuracy to 15 min;
  • data are read and recorded directly from/to the SAP HCM module, from/to standard client info types;
  • operation in context of the user logged in to the portal, with the authorization level assigned to the HCM system user;
  • launching the working time evaluation in context of the technical user or the administrator user,
  • operation of the negative working time recording system.

Upon extension of the application with the positive working time recording system, on the basis of the readouts from RCP, the application will be able to support both recording systems.

So far, the implementation has included all of the Lorenz manufacturing firms, with the option to extend the implementation to further companies. The first stage of the project encompassed in total some 340 employees of various companies.


Main Business Objectives


The main objective of the project was to prepare unified and consistent environment for scheduling, recording and evaluation of working time for all the manufacturing companies of the Lorenz firm.

The new solution had to be:

  • integrated with the existent employees’ self-service systems,
  • separated from the existing mechanism of working time evaluation, which functioned in the Lajkonik company,
  • prepared for the negative working time recording,
  • adjusted to integration with the RCP readers and to positive working time recording in future.


Business Benefits for the Client

Upon the project completion, the Lorenz companies received modern and intuitive tool, lowered the costs of working time management procedures and unified rules of working time qualification for remuneration components.

The employees of the companies, where the solution was implemented, received access to their working time schedules and the possibility to register a personal leave and work it off later.

Application users have the option to appoint substitutes for the time of their absence, and the BASIS unit is not engaged in the process of adjustment of the authorizations for the substitute users.


The Project's Unique Features

  • HTML5 in SAP Portal,
  • automation of authorizations for ZCP, for substitutes,
  • application of the context authorizations model, with the dynamic structural authorizations profiles.



Last update: 2017-07-10