SAP Application Services



Why us?

  • Dedicated Department for Application Services, which provides SAP maintenance and development,
  • Full range of services including support and technological maintenance (BASIS) and application maintenance,
  • Warranty based on Service Level Agreement,
  • SAP Certificate,
  • Confidence of several dozens of Reference Customers,
  • Experience in maintenance and development of the largest, in Poland and in Europe, SAP installations.
Range of Services:

We take care 24/7 of our Customers' SAP systems. We monitor and keep up the critical business systems, guaranteeing continuity of your business processes. In our portfolio of application services you will find among others:

  • Monitoring of SAP systems,
  • Full range of technological services (BASIS): installation, configuration, migration, upgrade, optimization,
  • Incident management,
  • Support,
  • SAP development.

We offer services in the Managed Services model and typical support, and development of SAP infrastructure.

  • 100+ of monitored SAP systems,
  • Team consisting of several dozens of dedicated experts,
  • Over 200 thousand of end users employ the maintained SAP systems,
  • Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE) Certificate and SAP Service Authorization.
SAP Application Services


How can we help?
  • Whether you require support in:
  • SAP maintenance and development,
  • Guaranteed accessibility of systems and support based on SLA,
  • Migration or upgrade,
  • SAP optimization,
  • Improvement in operation of the currently used solutions,
  • Consulting services, analysis.


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Business Case

The largest project for support, maintenance and completion of service requests for the Company Economics Support System SWEZ (in Polish: System Wspomagania Ekonomiki Zakładu). Servicing of more than 30 SAP systems, the ongoing maintenance works, and a number of additional services with the general purpose of optimizing business processes in ZUS.

The KBJ SA experts provide the services of development, maintenance and support for the SAP system and PWPW. Taking advantage of the know-how and experience of the KBJ SA consultants, the Client has received new functionalities of the system, which contributed to the improvement of the Client's particular business functions.

During the SAP Forum Czech Republic 2016 in Prague, the Polish Court of Appeals in Wrocław / Ministry of Justice have received the SAP Quality Awards 2016 CEE Brony Winner, in the category of "Business Transformation". This is the most prestigious and renowned competition in the world of SAP, with the goal to indicate the implementation projects, which can be the examples to follow.

The main provider of the project services was the KBJ S.A. company, the SAP business partner.