SAP Innovation Award prizes for the Customers of KBJ

In June, the largest conference – SAP Forum 2014 – was organized in Poland, and brought together specialists in SAP systems. Distinctions were awarded to five projects which used SAP-based solutions in an innovative way, of which two had been implemented by KBJ S.A.

One project involves an analytical and reporting platform for Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych. The project was distinguished due to its innovative business nature and wide use of SAP-based tools. The Competition Committee emphasized the unique nature of the project: “The implementation has brought measurable business benefits and addresses the analytical needs of different groups of employees – from management level to analyst teams”.  This is the first Polish project ever to involve the implementation of the complete SAP Business Intelligence platform within one enterprise. The scale of work was unprecedented – the following SAP tools: HANA, BPC, BOBJ and BW – were implemented and combined simultaneously.

The project resulted in a complex analytical and reporting platform integrated with the main KDPW system.

 “Our task was to combine many components into a coherent and uniform platform that guarantees stable and secure access to data. The key challenge of the project consists of ensuring the swift delivery of large volumes of high-quality information, actualised in real time, which may also be subject to transparent analysis suitable for each level of management” – summarizes Artur Jednak, CEO of KBJ. 

The other project awarded involves the most extensive implementation of SAP Strategy Management in Eastern Europe, ordered by the Capital Group of Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo. The project was recognized for its innovativeness, scale of implementation, and the business benefits that resulted from the implementation.

The objective of the project was to implement the Management by Objectives (MBO) platform as part of the strategic management system of the Capital Group. The new system serves structured planning, monitoring of objectives, settlement of effects, and the performance of analyses for different groups of users.

“The project for PGNiG posed a challenge for us, requiring us to provide the Customer with a central solution integrated with the current infrastructure on an extremely tight schedule of work and with the need to adjust the SAP SM solution to the business processes of PGNiG” – says Artur Jedynak.

data publikacji: 2016-12-12