The e-JPK application is a proprietary solution of KBJ S.A.,

allowing for the automation of the process of preparing the Standard Audit File in the SAP system, in accordance with the guidelines presented by the Ministry of Finance.

The e-JPK solution is:

Automation of logical structures generating and JPK files,

Fast and reliable engine for collecting and processing large amounts of data,

Possibility of configuration and programming adjustments,

Logging of data versions and introduced changes,

Autonomous solution in the SAP system,

Automation of the division of exported files depending on their size,

Data import from other IT systems,

Data security based on the SAP system authorization system,

Compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance,

Compatibility with S / 4Hana and Fiori.

Why the e-JPK solution?

KBJ specializes in providing customers with software on the SAP platform. Over 10 years of experience have resulted in a number of solutions for approx. 300 thousand. end users in enterprises with a combined total of over one million employees.

We will provide:

Support warranty and software update

to legal changes without additional license fees

A solution based on a proven and stable platform

used for production in over 150 companies

Guarantee of quality - extensive experience

in providing reporting in accordance with legal requirements

A multi-disciplinary team

creating and implementing software for which customer satisfaction and responsibility are the key values

Implementation methodology

elaborate and proven

e-JPK offer

Our offer is addressed to companies keeping records of economic events in the SAP system, which are obliged to submit SAF files to tax authorities in the scope of:
  • Accounting books,
  • Bank statements,
  • Warehouse,
  • VAT purchase and sale records,
  • VAT invoices.
Our offer includes the following elements:
  • E-JPK software with a license,
  • Software updates to legal requirements,
  • Implementation of the e-JPK solution on your SAP system,
  • Training on the e-JPK solution,
  • Application service tailored to the client's needs,
  • Technical documentation and end user manuals,
  • Software manufacturer's warranty.
Legal basis

On July 1, 2016, a new method of fiscal control was introduced. It is the duty of taxpayers to provide, at the request of the tax authorities, data from tax books in a standardized electronic form. This form is called the Uniform Control File (JPK) - it is a set of data transferred in the form of xml files.

The obligation to report data in the JPK format covers:

  • large entrepreneurs within the meaning of the Act of 2 July 2004 on the freedom of economic activity, keeping tax books using computer programs,
  • Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs within the meaning of the aforementioned Act, who keep tax books using computer programs, are required (without a request) to submit the JPK_VAT file (VAT purchase and sales records) monthly from January 1, 2017,
  • From January 1, 2018. micro-enterprises are also obliged to report the JPK_VAT file,
  • On the other hand, from July 2018, the obligation to provide data in the form of SAF-T will cover every entrepreneur keeping tax books using computer programs.

The JPK_VAT file is subject to mandatory monthly reporting. In the case of other JPK structures, the tax authority may request the submission of files. The taxpayer has no less than 3 days to submit them.