Finance and controlling

SAP S/4HANA functionalities in the field of finance and controlling (FI / CO)

They allow you to focus financial management processes on the support and development of operational business processes in the enterprise. In addition to the functionalities required by law, they support profitability analyzes, modeling and financial planning supporting the development of the company by predicting and evaluating the results.

What is SAP finance?

Single Source of Truth

one data area from all functional areas

  • One source of financial and management accounting information
  • One data platform for entity and group accounting
  • Real-time reporting

Reporting and analysis

  • Fast and flexible reporting
  • Rich, integrated reporting scenarios with SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Self-service analyzes

Accelerated closing of the month

  • Constant access to information during the month
  • Better insight into your financial processes at all times
  • The possibility of predictive closing of books from various perspectives
  • Accelerated month-end closing process

Highest data accuracy

  • Information based on the source data of individual items on documents
  • Unlimited possibilities of collecting and summing data

User Experience

  • Intuitive solutions
  • Feature and data availability across multiple devices
  • Great opportunities to improve processes

Take advantage of new possibilities of machine learning, automation and decision support

  • Rapid ability to detect liquidity irregularities
  • A wide range of document and invoice monitoring
  • Automation of repetitive operations in financial processes

Functional areas in finance and controlling in S /4HANA




Accounting - financial / budget

Rozrachunki z dostawcami

Settlements with suppliers / recipients

środki trwałe

Fixed assets


Bank settlements

Zarządzanie płynnością

Liquidity / risk / exposure management



Zarządzanie kosztami

Cost management and profitability analysis

Zarządzanie procesem finansowym

Process management, period closing and consolidation

Planowanie i budżetowanie

Financial planning and budgeting

Zarządzanie nieruchomościami

Property management

analizy i symulacje

Analyzes and financial simulations

Zgodność ze standardami

Compliance with the standards and requirements of the law