Leverage RISE with SAP to Empower Your Cloud-Based S/4HANA


RISE with SAP is a package of comprehensive services that help organizations of any size migrate their existing ERP systems, whether SAP ECC or software from any other company. 

This package, coupled with our team's support, is available throughout the migration process: from planning and assessment to implementation and subsequent system development. With RISE with SAP, we can significantly lower the barrier to entry into the S/4HANA world and best business management practices based on the experiences of tens of thousands of SAP customers.

Main benefits of the RISE with SAP path:

Reduced Technical Complexity: The RISE with SAP concept frees organizations from managing many technical aspects of migrating to S/4HANA. Server infrastructure and technical support remain the responsibility of SAP and the chosen cloud service provider (SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, or Google). Installation and maintenance become their responsibility, while you focus on core business activities and leverage selected S/4HANA functionalities and configurations based on a subscription model.

Optimization for Competitive Advantage: Systems used for many years can become complex with numerous modifications and add-ons, hindering business processes and increasing maintenance costs. Many of these measures are introduced to address immediate needs, but not always with long-term goals in mind. SAP offers hundreds of predefined management processes and industry scenarios for S/4HANA that have proven successful and can be readily adopted by new users. The RISE with SAP path provides easy access to these proven scenarios, shortening implementation time and reducing costs.

Shorter Implementation Time: The RISE with SAP concept, along with the SAP Activate methodology, can help organizations shorten the time needed to transition from their current ERP system to selected S/4HANA functionalities. This allows organizations to achieve their goals faster than initially anticipated.

Who is RISE with SAP for?

RISE with SAP is for any organization considering a change in their current ERP systems. This applies to organizations using SAP ECC as well as any other ERP class system. Industry, number of users, or organizational structure do not matter. Therefore, this offer is for businesses, public administration units, the judiciary, capital market institutions, and universities. Organizations that should pay particular close attention to the RISE with SAP service include:

  • Those using SAP ECC or even older versions. In 2027, SAP will stop providing support services for these ERP systems, making migration to the latest generation an urgent issue.
  • Those with ERP systems from other providers that lack required functionalities or are becoming insufficient in terms of performance or other technical aspects.
  • Those who want to simplify and increase the efficiency of their management processes.
  • Those who want to reduce the costs of accessing the latest edition of the ERP system and accompanying solutions (Business Intelligence tools, integration platforms, AI solutions, etc.)
  • Those who aim to optimize system maintenance costs.
  • Those who want to gain access to the latest SAP tools, including industry scenarios, for quick implementation in their operations.

How much does RISE with SAP cost?

The cost of RISE with SAP depends on the size and complexity of the organization's migration. Additionally, the model in which the system will operate is significant: only standard functionalities and a limited number of processes? Private or public cloud? What is the required reporting model, Business Intelligence?

We can find answers to these questions together with you - so we invite you to contact us!