SAP integration with the National System of e-Invoices
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The National System of e-Invoices (pl.: KSeF) - what is it?

The National System of e-Invoices (pl.: KSeF) is an IT platform for issuing, receiving and storing invoices in a structured form (XML).

In 2022, a structured invoice will be another form of invoicing, next to paper and electronic invoices.

From the 2nd quarter of 2023, a structured invoice will become the only form of invoicing, and the use of the National e-Invoices System will be obligatory.

Benefits for the taxpayer

  • 40-day VAT refund period
  • Automation and acceleration of the invoice circulation process
  • Facilitation of settlements with contractors
  • Security of settlements between contractors
  • Access to corrective invoices - faster and easier VAT correction
  • No need to store invoices - archiving invoices in the KSeF for 10 years
  • Elimination of the obligation to provide the JPK_FA structure at the request of the tax services
  • Confidence that the contractor has received the invoice

Watch the sales invoice handling scheme in the eKSF application:

Obsługa faktur sprzedażowych w aplikacji eKSF

Purchasing Process Diagram:

e-KSF - integration of SAP - KSeF with KBJ - it's easy!

e-KSF enables easy integration of SAP with the National System of e-Invoices
and automatic handling of the process of sending and receiving structured invoices.

Communication with KSeF is established via API or via the secure KBJ XS Cloud Proxy component.

See what it looks like in our application!

Wysyłka efaktury z aplikacji e-KSF

Sending an e-invoice from the e-KSF application

Generowanie efaktury w aplikacji eKSF

Generating an e-invoice in the eKSF application

e-KSF - key functions:

Automatic handling of the process of creating, sending and receiving sales invoices to the KSeF

Technical validation of e-invoices prior to shipment

Receiving and storing ID of issued invoices and downloading purchase invoices from the platform

Possibility of transferring received purchase invoices to the system supporting the circulation of documents

PDF preview available

Possibility to manually modify the e-invoice and log changes

Possibility to process data supplied to the SAP system from other IT systems (using an interface / service) and to handle structured invoices from one place

Easy to make adjustments to individual customer requirements without disturbing the structure and operation of the standard software

Updates to changing requirements as part of the maintenance service

Autonomous solution that does not interfere with the SAP standard

Support at any time of the day or night

What makes us stand out:



our solutions are created and implemented in one team of experienced programmers and certified consultants


since 2015, we have been creating solutions that meet legal requirements (eJPK, eNIPV2, eLeki)

Easy implementation

on the basis of over 180 implementations of our products, we have developed an effective implementation methodology


if something is technically possible, we'll do it


we establish long-term cooperation with Customers - and we are proud of it!

eKSF is a friendly manager with a number of additional functions that allow the user to efficiently manage the invoice recording process in the enterprise.

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Sales Executive

Magdalena Jarek

SAP Application Development Department Manager