SAP Business Technology Platform

BTP is a package of SAP tools that allows you to build solutions in the field of integration, database creation and data management, analytics, application development and intelligent technologies.

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What is SAP BTP?

Zarządzanie bazami danych

Bazy danych i zarządzanie danymi

Use of data in business:

  • Collect data
  • manage data
  • take care of their quality
  • share data in different IT solutions


Use data to create business value for the company:

  • create information structures
  • analyze data from different perspectives
  • create reports, KPI simulations, ...
integracja aplikacji

Rozwój aplikacji, integracja

Implementation of integrated business processes translating into the company's business performance:

  • exchange data between various SAP solutions and third party applications
  • optimize business processes
  • build your own specific solutions integrated with SAP
  • use user experience to build better application solutions

Intelligent technologies

Ensuring continuous and efficient innovation:

  • automate processes
  • use ML and AL in your own business
  • use device data to control and optimize business processes
Inteligentne technologie

Przykłady serwisów w SAP BTP