Warehouse management

SAP S/4HANA Warehouse Management functionalities

is support for the areas of warehouse management and logistics

SAP S/4HANA in the area of warehouse management:

Streamline the purchasing process

by integrating an automatic or manual function.

Support human decision making

with analytical visualization built into trading applications.

Determine the actual cost

of rebate agreements for the purchase of products with suppliers.

Ensure delivery 

of the agreed quantities and values.

Search, negotiate and enter into contracts

with the most qualified, reliable sources and suppliers.

Receive accurate invoices

for paid accounts faster with e-invoicing and automatic verification.

Improve your invoice processing life cycle

with more transparency and faster pace.

Gain visibility

to identify the right combination of suppliers, best serve your business goals, and reduce overall supply risk.


near real-time visibility into organizational expenses, vendors and market information.

Improved workflow

to fulfill purchase requisitions.

Direct and indirect procurements

using integration with other business areas, automation and harmonized UX.

Analytical applications

for PO status monitoring.

Business Network

Comprehensive integration of business processes with the Business Network.

Flexible workflow enhancements

such as keeping deadlines on purchase orders or adding tax dates.

Increased visibility

by taking into account supply shortage situations in the Fiori order management application.

Cykl życia rabatów

Manage the purchase discount lifecycle, from planning to tracking, billing and analyzing discount agreements.

Query monitoring

Analytical applications for monitoring inquiries and comparing supplier offers.

Analytical applications

manage the status of contracts and agreements.

Uploading attachments

Uploading vendor invoice attachments can be fully automated without user interaction.

Invoice management

Fiori applications that facilitate the management of supplier invoices and payment blocks.

Native integration with Business Network

Individual criteria

Increased flexibility in vendor evaluation by defining individual vendor evaluation criteria such as weighing and scoring.

Improvement of quality

Analyze the result in real time to discuss potential quality improvement measures with suppliers.

Suppliers evaluation

Real-time vendor rating analytics generated automatically based on transaction data.

Manage activities

with vendors or with an internal employee survey to gain additional insight into vendor ratings.

Increased transparency

in the speed of automation: high touch - low touch, the quantity of documents processed manually instead of automatically.

Multidimensional report

Real-time multidimensional expense report that can be manipulated like a "PivotTable" with drill-down capability. KPI tiles and app

Purchase overview

that provides quick visualization of multiple analytical applications.

Track and control inventory

and inventory quantities transparently and ensure streamlined material flow for all inbound and outbound logistics operations.

Efficiently store and handle your goods and materials

Improve resource utilization, increase throughput and support accurate on-time order fulfillment with maximum warehouse transparency.


all delivery requests, plan and execute your shipments, using Basic Agency Billing and Subcontracting. Ship the right products to the right place at the right time.

Make accurate estimates

of delivery dates during order creation and shifts, taking into account material availability based on actual inventory information to increase customer satisfaction.

Manage batches, serial numbers and packing units

to increase efficiency and improve compliance in all shipping and warehouse operations.

Complete traceability

Leverage batch management to improve product quality, ensure complete traceability, and reduce customer and legal risk.

Identify and distinguish between the individual items of material or equipment:

  • Create specific serial number profiles for materials.
  • Create serial number master records to carry important material data with serial numbers.
  • Identify individual items to track in inventory management, physical inventory, and equipment.

Track your movements

Mirror package-based logistics structures and track the movements of entire handling units rather than individual materials.

Manage materials 

that are relevant to segmentation in handling units from cartons to containers.

Execution and confirmation

Automated execution and confirmation of transport requests from all sources (sales order, purchase order, warehouse transport order).

Electronic Cooperation

Take advantage of electronic collaboration to speed up the process and avoid layoffs and human error.

Transport management

Use the built-in transport management to handle freight contracts and delivery charges, as well as basic bookings, plan and execute your transports, use the functionality for basic agency and subcontracting billing, and hazardous goods management.

Improve the percentage of on-time delivery

Just-in-time scenarios

Use just-in-time scenarios for inbound and outbound traffic.

Functional areas in the field of warehouse management in S/4HANA

Purchase management

Supplies management



(including delivery change)

Internal warehouse movements



Improved integration of QM in SAP S/4HANA with EWM

Plus, e.g., the new Pick-by-Cart by FIORI application

(small quantity pickup, multiple customers in one run or in the same shipment)