SAP offers a wide range of tools for integrating SAP solutions with third-party applications. Integration tools directly or indirectly automate the data exchange between systems.

SAP integration is:

Ready-made integration solutions managed and updated by SAP.

Out-of-the-box integration solutions for popular third-party cloud applications.

Ability to design, publish and manage API.

Continuous development of cloud integration with AI support and hybrid integration.

Support with a comprehensive approach to managing the integration strategy not only of SAP solutions.

Examples of SAP integration tools:

SAP Integration Suite

A suite of various integration tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate on-premises, on-prem and cloud-based applications and processes.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

allows you to connect people, processes, data and devices, while supporting different approaches to integration and ready-made functions.

API Management

provides comprehensive digital handling thanks to managed, secured and harmonized services.

Open Connectors

a suite of ready-to-use and feature-rich solutions for connecting to over 160 third-party applications.

Integration Advisor

helps to increase productivity and eliminate costly data errors with a self-learning and self-improving integration proposal library.

SAP API Business Hub

a package of ready-made APIs, ready-made integration packages and business processes for communication of SAP solutions and applications of selected partners.

SAP Process Orchestration  (PI/PO)

User-friendly and flexible middleware platform for:

  • design,
  • modeling,
  • implementation,
  • exercise
  • and monitoring

of business processes, supporting full data integration of various systems with business and technical applications (SAP and non-SAP).

A very large variety of integration mechanisms available. E.g.:

  • RFC, 
  • BAPI, 
  • PO/PI, 
  • API, 
  • Webservice, …