Sales, Distribution, Logistics

SAP S/4HANA functionalities support sales processes

from pre-sale, through bidding, contracts / orders to invoicing and after-sales support.

SAP S/4HANA in the sales area is:

Cycle management

Customer engagement with built-in pre-sales capabilities for leads, opportunities and relevant tasks.


of consistent master data, including pricing across the organization.

Document processing

Processing sales documents accurately and on time to maximize customer satisfaction.

Easy access

to real-time sales performance KPIs to make the right decision.

Management of various types of contracts

Management of contract types such as sales contract, condition contract for billing management, scheduling agreement, trade agreement for Global Trade Management.

Discount management

Sales discount management based on business size with contingent contract settlement.

Lower costs

Reduce customer service and support costs to improve return processes and customer return analysis.

Monitoring and analysis

monitoring and analysis of basic sales business processes, from quotes and contracts to sales orders, including their implementation, all the way to invoices.

Functional areas in the field of sales in S/4HANA

Sales Master Data Management: Products, Customers, Price Lists ...

Sales team management

Management of sales agreements, contracts and offers

Order management and monitoring

Price lists / Ordering systems


Billing / Invoicing

Advertising, returns and returns management

Monitoring and sales analytics

International trade