SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the real-time strategic and operational planning

What is SAP IBP?

Integrated Business Planning is a solution for financial planning, marketing, sales and operations, demand management, purchasing and inventory planning, delivery execution planning and supply chain monitoring by providing one integrated operational and strategic plan.

SAP IBP includes supply chain analyzes, conditional simulations, alerts, etc., tools based on actual and planned data available in SAP.


Use actual and planning data in SAP to improve customer service in sales and purchasing processes.

Simulate plans and values from various business areas by creating real-time proposals for subsequent versions of plans.

Quickly evaluate scenarios, react to changes and assess the impact on processes and financial results in various areas of the company's operations, e.g. the impact of changes in the supply chain, payment bottlenecks, delayed deliveries, etc.

Receive real-time analyzes of changes in processes and their impact on the implementation of existing plans.

Digital Business Planning

Combine strategic and operational planning with real-time visibility and execution

SAP IBP allows for planning and optimization in the following areas:

Sales and operations planning

Sales and Operations Planning 

  • Create the optimal business plan to drive revenue growth and increase your market share
  • Effective balancing of supply and demand to achieve financial goals
  • Increased planning speed and agility translating into increased profitability
  • Orchestration of processes between different areas focused on cooperation
  • Manage risk, assumptions and opportunities effectively

Demand Planning 

  • Automate the statistical forecasting process for more accurate forecasts
  • Collaborate to provide the most accurate analysis
  • Ensure planning flexibility and accuracy through segmentation
  • Respond faster to short-term changes in demand with pattern recognition algorithms
  • Drive more precise product deployment based on short-term demand
Demand Planning
Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization 

  • Improve the level of customer service
  • Maximize your inventory and working capital efficiency
  • Assess forecast error, demand risk, and supply uncertainty
  • Standardize your inventory level setting at every stage in the supply chain to optimize operational plans

Demand-Driven Replenishment

  • Support for all stages of material requirements planning on demand (DDMRP)
  • Smooth flow of materials in the supply chain (MRP)
  • Shorten order fulfillment times and improve the level of customer service
  • Reduce inventory levels across your supply chain with strategic calculation of decoupling points and buffer zones
  • Simplify planning with replenishment activities, simplified prioritization and active monitoring of buffer zones
Demand-Driven Replenishment
Response and Supply Planning

Response and Supply Planning

  • Support for tactical / rough delivery planning as well as operational delivery planning
  • What-if scenarios / analysis or hypothetical changes in demand or supply
  • Quickly match supply and demand to respond to operational changes - determinant and gate analysis
  • Limited optimization and algorithms based on priority rules
  • Unlimited Demand Propagation Options and Heuristic Methods
  • Generate and deliver allocations to ATP and changes to the schedule of sales orders resulting from delivery plans