Integration module between SAP and Flexee, automating the exchange of necessary data between the above systems.

The add-on is installed in SAP.

What is Flexee?

It's a cost-free (for companies) financial benefit, under which the employee receives immediate access to part of the remuneration via dedicated mobile application.

Flexee increases the comfort of employees by giving them access to remuneration when they need it.

FlexeeKBJ in SAP

It allows automation of the exchange of data of employees who should be entitled to the Flexee application:

  • Initial supplyment of basic data of employees entitled to Flexee application
  • Updating data changes concerning employees in SAP, which should e.g. add access to new employees or block access to dismissed employees, etc.
  • Changes in the employee's master data necessary for the correct settlement of employees

It automates the registration of data in SAP resulting from events performed by an employee in the Flexee application that affect the settlement of the employee's payroll:

  • Collective upload of billing data for a given period from Flexee to SAP
  • Automatic saving of data to the appropriate employee infotypes in SAP HCM
  • Automatization of the registration of deductions when creating payrolls

Verifies the correctness of data entry in SAP:

  • Identification of correctness of saved to SAP data generated by Flexee
  • Information about the reasons for incorrect data entry
  • Possibility of corrective actions in case of incorrect data loading

It works on SAP permissions...

...providing the right to run individual functions of the FlexeeKBJ panel only to the SAP user who has permissions to payroll functions in SAP.

The FlexeeKBJ functionality is available in the classic SAP user interface after logging into SAP.

FlexeeKBJ for SAP functional areas:

Panel Flexee

Fig. FlexeeKBJ function panel in SAP

Generating of a list of employees in SAP with access to Flexee

• select employees in SAP who should have access to the Flexee application,
• create a report/file with essential employee master data necessary for proper employee verification and service in Flexee,
• share the data in a format acceptable by Flexee.

Import of billing file from Flexee

• download the generated in Flexee billing statement for a given period ,
• automatically load the data downloaded from Flexee by saving them to the appropriate employee infotypes in SAP HCM (the saved data will be used to make automatic deductions of salaries when generating the payroll).

Verification of the correctness of data records to SAP, verification of data import logs

• run a report from the SAP system logs presenting the correctness of the data loaded from Flexee,
• check if all data has been loaded correctly, and identify the reason for the error for incorrectly saved/unsaved items - take appropriate corrective actions in accordance with the outcome.

The FlexeeKBJ module will improve the operation of your company in a few simple clicks!

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