e-NIPV2 is a solution extending the SAP system with mechanisms to verify the status of VAT and bank accounts in the taxpayers' database of the National Revenue Administration (the so-called White List) of contractors operating in Poland, and to verify the tax status in the VIES database.

e-NIPV2 is a comprehensive package that eliminates the risk of conducting business transactions.

The essence of e-NIPV2 is to provide the user with a tool that will ensure the most secure and convenient verification of contractors on the basis of NIP and NIP-EU numbers.

The e-NIPV2 solution is:

A mechanism of manual (NIP numbers, data from files) and automatic verification of contractors in the White List and VIES,

The mechanism works in the background during standard accounting processes (verification of documents during their booking and immediate warning about the detection of an incorrect contractor),

Alerting the SAP user in case of negative verification,

A mechanism validating the NIP numbers of contractors included in JPK files before sending to the Ministry of Finance,

A programming tool that can be used by the customer for their own, other needs,

Possibility to verify the bank account numbers of contractors in the White List,

Maintaining the register of bank account numbers in accordance with legal requirements,

Integration of the NIPV tool with the F110 transaction, blocking payments to accounts outside the White List.

Why the e-NIPV2 solution?

Mass verification

Possibility of automatic, mass verification of contractors in SAP without a daily limit

Validation mechanism

Extending the P2P and O2C process with a counterparty validation mechanism at every step of the process (setting up a supplier, booking an invoice, payment),

Access to history

Available history of query numbers (query id returned by the White List / VIES) confirming the execution of the check


Elimination of manual checking of contractors outside SAP


Possibility to verify JPK files generated in tools of other suppliers and integration with eJPK


Low program cost and quick implementation


No tool administration required


Possibility to set communication via RFC or SAP PO / PI

e-NIPV2 Offer

Our offer is addressed to companies that support O2C and P2P processes in the SAP system.

Legal basis

In accordance with the amendment to the Act on Value Added Tax and certain other acts, by August 31, 2019, the Head of the National Revenue Administration published a register in the Public Information Bulletin that will replace all currently functioning taxpayer registers.

In addition to the VAT tax activity, the list contains information about master data. In the case of natural persons: first and last names, REGON, NIP, PESEL and the address of the place of business. In the case of taxpayers who are not natural persons: full name, REGON, NIP, KRS and registered office address.

The most important change is the extension of the database with the numbers of settlement (bank) accounts indicated by taxpayers in the identification or update application and the tax consequences resulting from this change.

A transfer of more than PLN 15,000 to a bank account other than the one indicated in the list will result in the inability to classify the expenses as tax costs.

Additionally, in the above-mentioned case, the buyer is jointly and severally liable for the seller's VAT arrears.