SAP DataWarehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the first cloud data warehouse produced by SAP

What is SAP DataWarehouse Cloud?

SAP DataWarehouse Cloud is a flexible, scalable and open solution, available in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. It allows you to adjust computing resources to the needs of the enterprise, which enables better cost prediction.

SAP DWC combines data from various sources: applications, databases and warehouses, in cloud and on-premises systems. Built on the SAP HANA Cloud database, it enables better understanding of business data and making certain decisions based on real-time information.

The ease of modeling and data mining allows business users to perform independent analyzes that do not require the involvement of the IT department.

Thanks to the integration with SAP Analytics Cloud, users can create extensive visualizations for the models they have created, as well as use the built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence functions, which allow for a better understanding of the data.

For users, built-in data models, transformation logic, and connectors make integration and deployment faster.

SAP DWC implementation goals

Silosy danych

Unifying data silos in multi-cloud and on-premises environments, enterprise applications, data marts, data lakes, and spreadsheets.

Samoobsługa analiz

Enabling business users to self-service data and analytics to make informed decisions, and empower IT to focus on other value-added tasks.


Making decisions based on complex real-time information.

Benefits of implementation

Łączenie danych

Elimination of data silos and making it easier to connect data to the business context


Empowering business users with a data analytics solution that maintains data integrity and security


Acceleration of the time-frame - from data to insight and decisions - by minimizing complexity for business and IT