The BW system is a data warehouse most frequently used by companies that use SAP software


Proper use of BW allows the creation of reports that increase operational efficiency and they build a competitive advantage for our Clients.

In 2016, SAP presented a new data warehouse solution - BW/4HANA.

It is not just another version of the BW known so far, but a completely new system built in response to the requirements of the future. As support for BW ends in 2027 - it is worth planning the migration to BW4 now.

BW/4HANA - Worth knowing

BW/4HANA, like S/4HANA, is optimized for the SAP HANA platform.

BW/4HANA provides real-time enterprise-wide analytics that minimize data flow and can combine all data in the organization into one logical view. Organizations now have a data warehouse solution at their disposal that can meet their current and future business needs - by handling more data, from more sources, to deliver solutions that will increase organizations' success in the age of digital transformation.

SAP BW/4HANA allows us to process large volumes of data in real time. As the administration has been simplified compared to BW, the implementation process has been shortened, while reducing development expenditure. Another functionality is simplified integration with non-SAP applications, support for IoT scenarios and predictive analytics.

BW/4 HANA is characterized by the following:

Hurtownia danych

It accelerates the development of data warehouses


It offers a unique, modern interface


It is designed for cloud and on-premise deployments

Temperatura danych

Provides advanced data temperature management options