SAP Enterprise Support

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WHY SAP Enterprise Support?

By facing the complex business challenges associated with changes in applicable laws and market competition, SAP Enterprise Support helps you secure the continuity of your existing SAP instance, and optimize your operations and take advantage of the latest SAP innovations.

KBJ S.A. has the right to provide SAP Enterprise Support Services for Software using the SAP Global Service Network, confirmed by a valid SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) certificate. Our team acts as a proactive business partner who works with clients to help them achieve their business goals.

SAP Enterprise Support services allow you to use the manufacturer's extensive support, system updates, extensions for the current functionality, SAP knowledge base and trainings.

The purchase of the Enterprise Support service package guarantees the continuity of the system's operation and the manufacturer's support in adapting the system to the changing environmental conditions.

Enterprise Support

As part of the SAP Enterprise Support service:

Pillars of proactive KBJ's support

Day-to-day cooperation with the client

Development of competences and knowledge transfer

– dostęp do Enterprise Support Academy

Innovations and increasing the implementation value

through access to system updates and offered functional extensions

Support in critical situations

Whatever your deployment scenario and emerging issues, SAP Critical Support provides accelerated troubleshooting, avoiding business interruptions and unforeseen downtime

Pośrednictwo w kontaktach z Ekspertami SAP

Realizuj wyniki biznesowe poprzez interakcję z ekspertami SAP!


Get tips from support experts by contacting them. Reach out and get your partner's support in critical situations.

Support from experts

If necessary, get advice from the support of your KBJ's partner!

Level 1 and Level 2 via KBJ.
Level 3 support via SAP.

SAP community

Stay on top of updates, connect and chat with experts, get information and exchange ideas through the community.


On behalf of the Ordering Party, KBJ may apply to SAP for the following services, each time ended with detailed reports and recommendations of SAP experts.

Additionally - if necessary - KBJ supports its Clients in analyzing the above-mentioned documents and assessing the recommendations contained therein.

What should you know about SAP Enterprise Support?

Technical quality controls
Principles of service provision

Rules for the provision of the SAP ES service (including additional services provided by KBJ S.A. as part of SAP ES).

  1. Taking over the maintenance according to the proprietary methodology adapted to the scope of the provided support
    a.      Taking over the maintenance assumes, among others knowledge transfer and arrangements regarding the principles of providing support. The acquisition is carried out by a dedicated supervisor who will be responsible for the Agreement throughout its duration.
  2. Building a service provision schedule, within which the following are planned:
    a.      Workshops for the Ordering Party on the terms and conditions of the provision and possibilities offered by SAP ES.
    b.      The frequency of ordering TQC services, broken down into their types and the systems they will apply to.
    c.      Sessions to review the status of open tickets (via monthly teleconference).
    d.      Service quality review sessions (via teleconferences on a quarterly or semi-annual basis).
    e.      Sessions in the field of consulting in the optimization of currently owned licenses and their selection for SAP environments (on request, frequency to be determined).
    f.       Support in the case of conducting annual SAP audits (on request, frequency to be determined).
  3. Provision of the 1st and 2nd support lines (SAP, occurs on the 3rd support line - it is KBJ consultants who analyze the submitted reports and solve them at the 1st and 2nd line level).
Methodology of taking over the systems for maintenance

Methodology of taking over systems for maintenance (including Maintenance SAP)

The described methodology for providing support services is each time adapted to the type of system and the client's business requirements.

The process of taking over the SAP Enterprise Support task management:

The key assumptions of the acquisition process are as follows:

  • Transfer of knowledge on all applications included in the scope of SAP environments to be maintained by the Ordering Party.
  • Verification of the KBJ maturity level after the transfer of knowledge - an internal process of the Contractor, the results of which are presented by KBJ to the Employer.
  • All SAP functionalities as part of the services: maintenance support and service of Service Requests will be taken over at the same time.
  • The takeover process will be carried out in a controlled manner, in stages designed to allow the Contractor to gradually take more and more responsibility, based on previously agreed criteria.
  • As part of the acquisition process, the processes and procedures necessary to carry out production maintenance will also be implemented, as well as to support the modification of the Ordering Party's SAP systems, which are in progress at the time of the initiation of the tender procedure.

On the basis of the workshops of the Employer's project managers and KBJ conducted as part of the acquisition process and taking into account the Employer's procedures currently in force, procedures will be created in the following areas:

  • Management of change.
  • Configuration management.
  • SAP system administration procedures.
  • Reporting procedures.

After approval by the Ordering Party, the prepared set of procedures will constitute the basis for the implementation of all processes as part of the maintenance support services and handling of the Ordering Party's service requests.

Additional services extending SAP Enterprise Support standards

Additional services extending the standard scope of support under SAP Enterprise Support:

KBJ provides its clients with a number of services that go beyond SAP ES. Below we present a proposal of the groups of services we offer to our clients.

KBJ successfully provides SAP systems receipt services.

The system monitoring service is based both on activities at the technical / technological level (BASIS), i.e .:

  • Verification of system logs (SAP systems, databases, operating system).
  • Analysis of Early Watch Alert (EWA) reports.
  • Introducing suggestions and changes contained in EWA reports (at the request of the client).
  • Transport system monitoring.
  • Monitoring of connections between SAP systems and other systems.
  • Monitoring of the backup system at the level of SAP systems.
  • Database monitoring of SAP systems.
  • Monitoring of operating systems to the extent necessary for the proper operation of the SAP infrastructure.

 and application, i.e.:

  • Control of BW power supply processes, data chains and transformations as well as
    with the use of planning processes
  • Control of the use and consistency of data objects.
  • Process flow control in SAP ERP.
  • Control of bidirectional integration using the SAP PO system.
  • Proactive risk management and minimizing the chance of problems
    with data processing in all SAP systems.

The above-mentioned approach ensures comprehensive coverage of our clients' systems with maintenance, administration and monitoring, fully securing the infrastructure used against failures resulting in the unavailability of data or systems.