Analytics and reporting

Business analytics is an indispensable element of the development strategy of any enterprise in the digital transformation.

Required data, analyzes, available reports - immediately increase operational efficiency and build a competitive advantage.

Why the Analytical and Reporting platform?

The Analytical and Reporting Platform responds to information needs by providing data on the profitability of business lines, supports planning and simulation processes, sales processes, it provides knowledge about customers, allows you to optimize production processes and provides stock reporting.

 It addresses a number of other needs, regardless of the industry and size of the organization.

Completed implementations:

Pricing reports

Known / Unknown losses

Delivery and order non-compliance reports

Reporting of key indicators

(sales, margin, forecast, deviations, progressions, LfF, YoY)

Reporting inventory levels

Internal sales reporting

PnL reports

Financial and controlling reports

Reports for the regulator


Data modeling

Business benefits of implementation:

Reliable real-time information and analysis

Decision making based on facts and data

Data integration from multiple sources

Cross-sectional support in strategic decision making

Full knowledge of economic processes in the organization