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What is HeaRt?

HeaRt is a Human Resources Portal providing Employee and Managerial Self-Service for companies and organizations using the SAP HCM system.

HeaRt is a modern, ergonomic, intuitive solution available via a web browser, thanks to which employees, managers and HR specialists can carry out everyday HR processes.

HeaRt is a solution built and fully compliant with the Polish Labor Code, supporting all the requirements and regulations characteristic of Polish law.

The HeaRt system is used for production by tens of thousands of end users.

HeaRt functions

HeaRt has many features to help your company's HR department work more efficiently, faster and in an orderly manner.

See for yourself!

Manager's portal:

  • Review of data concerning subordinate employees,
  • General information,
  • Personal data,
  • Absences,
  • Engagement data,
  • Previous employers,
  • Employee's addresses,
  • Team calendar.

Delegations / business trips:

  • Planning a domestic business trip,
  • Planning a foreign business trip,
  • Settlement of a domestic business trip,
  • Accounting for a foreign business trip,
  • The above in the group travel version,
  • Automatic generation of financial documents,
  • Automatic checking of absence conflicts,
  • Multi-stage travel,
  • Calculation of lump sum benefits based on travel stages.

For the employee:

  • Personal data,
  • Identity documents,
  • Contact details,
  • Safety training,
  • My vacation limits,
  • Engagement data,
  • Family data,
  • Addresses,
  • Bank accounts,
  • Tax data,
  • Education,
  • Salary bar,
  • Previous employers,
  • Inbox,
  • Appointing a replacement,
  • Deadline monitoring.

Holidays and absences:

  • Planning holiday leaves,
  • Vacation plan for an employee,
  • Vacation plan for a manager,
  • Vacation plan for a deputy manager,
  • Vacation plan for the working time operator,
  • Report on planned vacation dates,
  • Annual leave,
  • Additional annual leave for a disabled employee,
  • Leave on request,
  • Parental leave,
  • Maternity leave,
  • Additional maternity leave,
  • Parental leave,
  • Paternity leave,
  • Occasional holidays,
  • Unpaid leave,
  • Child care (art188).

HeaRt - HR processes

HeaRt is a modular system. Depending on the needs, it can be launched in full scope or in any combination of the following business modules:

samoobsługa pracownicza


Samoobsługa menedżerska


Wnioski urlopowe

Vacation requests and absences

Podróże służbowe


Czas pracy

Working time

Wnioski kadrowe

Staff requests


Management by Objectives (MBO)

HeaRt - Labor Code

HeaRt is a unique solution on the market of IT products to support HR processes also in terms of full compliance with the applicable regulations of the labor code and PIP guidelines. As part of the HeaRt solution, it includes:

  • Handling all types of absence requests, taking into account the specifics of each request, required information and limitations,
  • The content of self-service websites for the employee and manager adapted to provide the required data while ensuring access to employee data to persons authorized by the client (authorization system, roles, predefined schemes),
  • Separation of permissions,
  • A set of validation rules that guarantee the correctness of the code of HR processes,
  • Support for business trips with full automation of the calculation of due benefits in accordance with the regulations of the Legislator,
  • Model workflow acceptance processes,
  • A complete history of the course of each decision-making process,
  • Full control of the HR department over the change processes.


Additionally, updates required by law - such as changes to parental leave and more - are provided throughout the life of the HeaRt solution. Thanks to the presented mechanism, you are guaranteed full compliance with applicable legal regulations.

HeaRt - Security

The security of the HeaRt system in terms of the technical security of the solution and the guarantee of confidentiality of data security is an absolute priority and an uncompromising issue.

To guarantee you full system security, our product works in a Tier IV Data Center using the SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) infrastructure. The security guarantee is realized at the application, communication and physical layer level.

The system complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and the guidelines of the European Commission on the protection of personal data.

All transmitted data is encrypted. The customer decides where the data is physically stored.

HeaRt is a solution operating in the Software as a Service or on-premise model (installation in the Customer's infrastructure).

Selected information on the hardware infrastructure of the Data Center:
  • ISO 9001 - International certificate documenting compliance with quality management standards in the organization,
  • ISO 27001 - International certificate documenting compliance with information security management standards,
  • NATO II Level Industrial Security Certificate,
  • Certificate 2nd degree Industrial Safety of the European Union,
  • 2nd degree industrial safety certificate Poland,
  • ANSI / TIA 942 - TIER IV - guaranteed power supply the highest level of standard, availability of 99.999% annually,
  • ANSI / TIA 942 - TIER IV - guaranteed environmental conditions for the operation of IT devices the highest standard level,
  • ISO 27 & nbsp; 000, the highest level of ANSI / TIA 942 standard - TIER IV, guaranteed safety data and devices,
  • Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and European Commission regulations regarding the processing of personal data in IT centers.
In the layer of security of your data, the architecture of the solution provides:
  • Physical separation of each client's data in a separate database,
  • Physical separation of application servers - each client receives independent application units - no shared resources,
  • No dispersion of data beyond the space separated for the client in the data center and application layer - your data will never be sent or made available to no other location,
  • Guaranteed, priced and fully automated backup system.
In the communication layer between your SAP HR system and the HeaRt solution:
  • End-to-end communication via a dedicated encrypted connection using the strongest SSL data transmission algorithms,
  • Communication and data transfer to the end user (end user browser) only using the secure SSL protocol.

How can we help?

Every organization needs modern, ergonomic HR tools. Human Resources Portal is an investment that brings immediate effect and returns on investment. Nevertheless, selecting and implementing a solution that meets complex business needs, ensuring integration with the HCM system, on a large scale and with constantly changing regulations, is a real challenge.

We are pleased to present you the full capabilities of the HeaRt system and share our experiences from many implementations!