& Development

Very often our Customers have their own innovative ideas and truly unique implementation need, which cannot be fulfilled just by grabbing an off the shelf software package. Using SAP technologies and products, we can help our Clients to develop and apply solutions, which are unique, and perfectly fit their requirements. For our innovative projects, we verify the available technologies, test particular products and assess their compatibility with the Client's IT environment and his/her organization.  More often than not, as the result of our work we are able to answer the question what is the best solution for the problem at hand (Proof of Concept), which is usually followed by a pilot implementation, possibly converted into the "Tailor made" system fulfilling the needs of a Client.

Our experts are involved in an advance research in many innovative sectors, such as mobile applications, cloud services, "in-memory" data processing and others. Our unique know-how and extensive experience allow to shorten the implementation time and reach the expected results, and in a significant way contribute to the competitive edge gained by our Clients. Here, we must also mention some other important benefits accompanying our participation in the research and development activities, such as lowering the cost and reducing the risk of the project.

Why us?

By choosing the KBJ for your R&D partner, you get the guaranteed access to all technologies, which currently shape and change the IT market. The KBJ provides support and practical experience in the following:


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications,
  • Predictive analytics and BigData,
  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • HANA and Hana Cloud Platform (HCP),
  • Mobile solutions.


Besides our know-how and our experience, we can also offer you access to the required technical infrastructure, necessary for the demanding R&D projects.