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HeaRt is an HR Portal providing the Self-service option for Employees and Management in the companies and organizations using the SAP HCM system.

HeaRt is a modern, ergonomic, intuitive solution accessible via an internet browser, thanks to which employees, managers and HR specialists may be completing their daily HR related processes.

HeaRt is a solution based on and fully compliant with the Polish Labour Code, and supports all the specifics for the Polish law requirements and regulations.

The HeaRt system is operationally used by tens of thousands of end users.



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HeaRt Functions


HeaRt - HR Processes

HeaRt is a modular system. Depending on the particular needs, it can be applied in its full range, or as a combination of any of the below listed business modules:

  • Employees Self-service,
  • Managers Self-service,
  • Time off requests and absences,
  • Business travels,
  • Working time,
  • HR requests,
  • Management by Objectives (MBO).
HeaRt - Labour Code

HeaRt is a unique solution for servicing of the HR processes, among those available on the specialized IT products market, as it is fully compliant with the Labour Code and with the guidelines of PIP (National Labour Inspectorate). The HeaRt solution includes:

  • Servicing of all types of time off requests, including the specifics of any of the requests, required information and limitations,
  • A set of validation rules guaranteeing the Labour Code compliance of HR processes,
  • Separation of authorizations,
  • Servicing of business trips with the full automation of calculations of due benefits, according to the regulations by the Legislator,
  • Content of the self-service options for employees and managers adjusted to provide the required data, while at the same time guaranteed access to the employees' data for persons authorized by the Customer (authorizations system, roles, predefined schemes,)
  • Model workflows accepting processes,
  • Full history of each decision making process,
  • Full control of the HR department over the change processes.

In addition, during the whole period of the use of the HeaRt solution, are supplied upgrades encompassing any changes required by law – e.g. changes in parental leaves and others.

Thanks to the presented mechanisms, our Customers get the guaranteed full compliance with the legal regulations in force.

HeaRt - Security

The HeaRt system security, within the meaning of the technical solution security, as well as the guaranteed confidentiality and security of data, are the absolute priority and in this area there can be no compromise.

To guarantee our Customers complete system security, our product works in the Tier IV Data Centre and uses the SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) infrastructure. The guaranteed security is implemented on the level of application, communication as well as on the physical level.

The system is compliant with the Act on Protection of Personal Data and with the European Commission guidelines in this area.

All transferred data is being encrypted. A Customer decides where the data is physically kept.

HeaRt is the solution working in the model of Software as a Service or on-premise (installation within the Customer's infrastructure).

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How can we help?

Any organization requires modern and ergonomic HR tools. An investment in an HR Portal brings about immediate results and the return on investment. Still, selection and implementation of the solution fulfilling the complex business needs, providing integration with the HCM system, on a large scale and with the legal regulations being changed all the time - becomes a serious challenge. It will be our pleasure to present the full scope of advantages of our HeaRt system, and we will share our experience drawn from the many system implementations we have done.

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Business Case

Implementation of the HCM Cloud Portal in the Polimex company is the first on the Polish market implementation of the Employees' Self-service Portal in the model of SaaS, on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The application is the dedicated solution developed by the KBJ S.A. company, which with the use of a standard internet browser allows 3,500 employees to access their data, submit a vacation leave request or to plan and settle the finances of their business trip.